Allergy Testing & Treatment

We offer environmental and food allergy tests and provide treatments such as SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) and other modalities to relieve patient’s allergies.

Environmental Allergies

Allergy Skin Tests

Skin prick testing involving tapping surface of the skin with extracts containing common allergens (e.g. pollens, dusts, mites, grass, animal dander).

Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment

Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT) is a newly developed, non-invasive method to treat allergies. Treatment involves applying specially formulated drops under the tongue.

Clinical trials published over the past 20 years prove that SLIT is relatively safe and effective for treatment of conditions such as rhinitis and asthma caused by dust mites, grass, ragweed, cat dander, and tree pollens acting as allergens. It can also help with hay fever and mild atopic dermatitis.

While having the same effectiveness as allergy shots, SLIT does not require any injections, and it is therefore ideal for children and patients seeking non-invasive forms of treatment.

Significantly lower cases of anaphylactic reactions (side effect) are observed in patients going through SLIT as compared to patients receiving allergy shots. On the other hand, improvements of allergy conditions can be observed earlier in the treatment process with SLIT.

Currently, SLIT for ragweed and grass pollen has been approved by FDA (research for other allergens are underway).

Food Allergies

Food Allergy Test

Comprehensive stool test is also available to check gut dysbiosis.

In addition to skin test of environmental allergies, we provide screening for food intolerance/allergy of up to 186 types of food.
Comprehensive stool test is also to check gut dysbiosis.

See Integrative & Functional Medicine for additional information.


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